Porovnání účinků matcha čaje a kávy na naše tělo (angličtina)

Porovnání účinků matcha čaje a kávy na naše tělo.

Sepsáno naším zahraničním kolegou, odborníkem na mezinárodní obchod a matcha čaj, Davidem C.

That is the question. For many years all over the world, people have gotten used to drinking coffee in the morning and throughout the day to get the day started but is there something better? Is the new phenomenon of Matcha tea maybe better? Well let’s quickly dig in as the answers may surprise you. There are many scientific and literary works of art describing Coffee and Matcha but the average person wants quick fast easy info to make a decision so let’s do that.

Coffee all by itself is great, in that as it has very few calories, and give your brain an alertness that is unparalleled to none without getting you fat. That is unless you go to Starbucks and add all the milk and sugars, then the calories do add up without you even realizing it… It gives you a super-fast energy bolt that lasts about an hour or too, unless you keep drinking more and more and then you have alertness for a long time. For many years the commercials of fresh Colombian coffee has filled our minds and as the right thing to wake up. Why? Well, Coffee is basically great in that it contains caffeine.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant found mainly in Coffee and tea and coffee is loaded with this Caffeine. Caffeine makes you burn fat, keeps you alert and even gets you in a good mood. That is all great right? Well, the only problem is that with over use, the effects do diminish and you must drink more and more to get a similar effect.  That is bad, as getting addicted to coffee is probably not the best and over time you may not be able to get that big of a caffeine pick up even though you drank so much of it.  Also too much caffeine may disrupt your sleep as it may not let you sleep if you drink too much of it and creates insomnia in some people. SO basically coffee is drunk to get energy and get that alertness which we all love, including myself.

So how about Matcha tea? Matcha, is a green tea that dates back to the Chinese Tang dynasty in the 8th century but by the 12th century, it had become such a staple part of life and it was brought to other Asian countries including Japan.  It is around that time in 1911, that a monk called Myoan Eisai brought it to Japan where it was made to be such an important part of life. (2)  Its popularity is amazing in Matcha tea that it has been around for such a long time but yet people are now realizing its wonderful components which are very similar to coffee but yet offer so much more. But why is it good and popular?

                      Matcha       vs        Coffee             

      4-6 hours of energy             1-3 hours of energy                                             

matcha top

  140X antioxidants                Up to 3X the caffeine                                           

    Gives strong energy           Fast energy /fast drop                                         

To start, Matcha also contains Caffeine but mostly about 3X less and contains 140X the antioxidants compared to Coffee.  The best definition of antioxidants I found is by the NCI or National Cancer Institute “Antioxidant is a substance that protects cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals may play a part in cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other diseases of aging. (1). We all wanting to look great, stop the aging process a bit and  fight diseases and get energy and the 140X more found in Matcha than in coffee is a very  good start. But how about energy?  Matcha tea gives a longer lasting energy that last to around 4 hours. It gives out what is called slow caffeine. This is much better than the 1 or 2 hours found in Coffee.  Matcha also promotes fat burning which we all love and instead of a 95G of Caffeine, a small 35g amount of Matcha tea is able to the same.

No wonder Matcha is making such a great hit and I will combine both coffee and matcha in my life. I will always drink a coffee here and there, but now my main source for energy when I need it will be Matcha tea.  140 X more antioxidants, than coffee, slow releasing energy lasting many hours while at the same time promoting fat loss with a much slower amount than coffee? I can’t beat that and that is why I am all in for the Matcha tea. Are you ready to try all these benefits found in Matcha?


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